Display Test Classic Tool Software DisplayX for Windows Platform


DisplayX is a small professional tool for computer monitor detection. It can run on Microsoft Windows full series of operating systems, providing users with a complete inspection program. Users can perform a complete monitor performance test according to their needs. Accurate test results help maintain the display. If you want to buy a liquid crystal display, then bring DisplayX, it will help you to pick a good product for you.


DisplayX has a wide range of test items, and it has a comprehensive and complete display test project. It is very practical. It has high detection efficiency and can quickly test the display. The operation is simple and convenient, and the software interface is simple and refreshing, which brings easier operation. DisplayX's main function menus include Run full test, Run one test, Run photo test, Run delay test and Options. The main functions are as follows:


Run full test

  • Contrast: Adjust the brightness so that the color blocks can be displayed and the brightness is different. Make sure that the black color is not grayed out, and each color block can be displayed better.
  • Contrast Ex: A display that distinguishes each black and white area is top grade.
  • Grayscale: Test the grayscale reduction capability of the display, and the smoother the color transition seen, the better.
  • 256Grayscale: Test the grayscale reproduction capability of the display.
  • Breath effect: When the mouse is clicked, if the screen is in the transition between black and white, if there is obvious jitter on the border of the screen, it is not good, and no jitter is good.
  • Geometry: Adjust the geometry to ensure no distortion.
  • Color: Tests the ability of the display to display color.
  • Convergence: Test the focus of the monitor, the clearer the text at each location, the better.
  • Pure Color: mainly used for LCD detection of dead pixels.
  • Interlace: Used to view display interference.
  • Sharp: A good monitor can distinguish every line on the edge (mainly used for large-size TV tests).


Run one test

The 11 tests included in the regular full test can be tested separately.


Run photo test

Create a pic folder in the directory where the program is located and click on the image you want to test.


Run delay test

The delay time test is what we usually call black and white response time, and response time is an important indicator of LCD display performance. The delay time test in DisplayX allows you to accurately measure the response time of the LCD. Through different speeds, we look at the white square for the tailing phenomenon.


Tip: Click the screen with the left mouse button to continue the next test.


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